Shadowrun: There will be dragons...

The Gathering

And so we began working with Bettina to gather these items for an unknown purpose. Oddly she dropped out of our lives for about a month before suddening arriving back with a few notes just as she had the first time we met her.

The Unicorn (My History)

Memories of my parents are slowly fading from my mind unlike most everything else. My dad was a proud Japanese computer security engineer working for Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (MCT). He came to Seattle in the late 50’s when he was transfered to that branch. My mother was working as a data processor at that time. Since marriages are encourage in company, life was well for them.

About a year later I was born, Cris Yamakoba. My dad wanted a boy, someone to follow in his footsteps, my mom loved to dress my up in the latest fashions for dresses. I grew up as a tomboy. Never strong, but always climbing trees and such. When I was ten, my parents were transfered to the Tokyo branch of the corporation. I attended the corporations schools and learned more Japanese since I was living there.

When I was twelve I came home to find my parents assassinated in their bedroom. I couldn’t believe it. Corporation security and local police were crawling around my house. I was taken and was put in a local orphanage. My life completely changed, the people in the orphanage said I would be given a Job at MCT when I turned of age.

I started turning into a woman shortly after, but that wasn’t the hardest change. I started seeing things, or at least knowing things. I always loved computers and was a straight A student. But now I could easily see the answers, as if I was given them. Then one day as I surfed the matrix, I came into a document about me. I was going to be transfered to MCTs medical branch for testing. I got real scared, and i ran away.

Knowing a little about how things worked, I decided to change my looks. I would wear jeans and a pullover. I cut my hair and pretended I was a boy, since on the streets, it was harder to live as a girl then as a weak boy, not by much. I also knew MCT was looking for me as a girl, not as a boy on the streets. It was real hard at first not knowing anyone on the streets, and anyone I did know I could not trust. I assume there would be a bounty on me, I assume MCT saw me as their property.

I started earning a little creds by extortion from data I found on the web. Until I tried to extort the wrong person, or should I say right. Instead of getting creds, I got a job offer or should I say request. I thought I was so careful, but I was tracked in the matrix. I was picked up by a team, and I thought I was dead.

I was brought to a bar/pool hall and brought to a backroom. How could I resist them when they had so many guns. I am sure I could have made a smartgun inoperatable, but there was also that guy with a deck who was always close, just waiting for me to do something stupid. So that is how I met Mr. Ito. He was surprised at how much I had on his brother and how young I was. Let’s just say I was hired till my debt was paid off.

During the few years I was “working” for Mr. Ito, I learned alot of skills and was treated fairly. I also learned to fake being a decker, how to forge documents and databases and how to use weapons (something I don’t like knowing). When I turned 16, my “contract” was up. He honored the agreement, and I now still live in a flat near “work.” He still offers me “jobs” and I do them, but in all reality his jobs are in the small league. I also have become a little “too” well known in the matrix as “The Unicorn”, that he feels that me being a “freelancer” is the best for both of us.


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